Thursday, 15 October 2009

my magazine research

So far my research has been going well and has yeilded some good results. From my observations of many different magazines I know that the minimum a magazine can have is a mast head and a cover image. Having observed several magazines, I can work out what would appeal to certain audiences. I have looked over college sports magazines, college magazines and others.

I can say that a magazine must have certian aspects to apeal to its target audience.
and that mast heads take up at least a quarter of the cover,it's so big that people can't miss it and it stands out and catches peoples attention, it is always the same making it easier to find amoug the other magazines. The cover image can be many images merged together, that gives me an idea for my magazine, other magazines only have one image. Several images can deliver certain impacts depending what the images are and their purpose. for example the college sports magazine I looked at, it had several basketball players on the cover they delivered a impact of high energy and active lifestyles this appeals to students who are interested in sports. One image could acheive greater impact, for example if it's a face for a beauty magazine.

Through observations i think i know what im going to put on the cover of my magazine. I have alos looked at several contents pages in magazines some were vibrat and some were dull. but i know what im going to put in my contents page and when i do make my magazine i must remember la nguage, codes and conventions, audience and ideology.

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