Monday, 28 September 2009

codes and conventions of a college magazine.

Title: links into the institution, it's plain standard format, that is consistent in every issue.

leading story: has to appeal to the audience. boring simple language lacks excitement and emotion.

cover art/photo:related to leading story, eye catching image, appeals to the audience.

date: when it was released, date format linked to institution. can be formal or informal.

issue number: so people can follow the issues, so they can be filed according to date in case the audience want to file a complaint or make a comment about one of the articles.

website: so the audience can findout more, E-mail address link.

contents: information about the main stories included. linked to ideology and representation.

The Brief

Preliminary exercise: using DTP and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of a new school/college magazine, featuring a photograph of a student in a medium close-up plus some appropriately laid-out text and a masthead. Additionally you must produce a mock-up of the layout of the contents page to demonstrate their grasp of DTP.

Main task:the front page, contents and double page spread of a new music magazine.
All images and text used must be original, produced by you - minimum of four images.

Presentation of your Work
the presentstion of the research, planning and evaluation may take the form of any one, or combination of two or more, of the following:
  • a presentation using slideshow soft ware such as power point;
  • a blog
  • a podcast;