Friday, 23 October 2009

Above is my finished magazine contents page.
I used mixed colours so it wouldn't be boring, the colours are consistant for the features and the regulars so the reader can tell them apart. The page numbers are also the same colours as the regulars and features.
A few images can really liven up a blank page, and interest the reader to read on. Using a white page, dark coloured images will show up better, making them easier to see.
I have included smiley's :) in my text because it's for students so it doesn't have to be serious.
The faces in the text make it more fun and enjoyable to read. All of the images used are original I took them with a digital camera. I moved my images to my folders using a memory stick. If you need proof I still have the photos in 'my pictures' folder.
There're small amounts of information under each sub heading. Depicting what is on the pages and what to expect.
All in all i am happy with how it turned out :(

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